$10,000 Putting Challenge

You can only imagine how much excitement will be at your next event when you give every guest a chance to win $10,000! Each guest gets one chance at a 12' putt. If the putt goes in they get a prize and also qualify for the semi final round. Each qualifier then moves to the semi final round where you sink a 20' putt for a chance to advance to the finals. One person is guaranteed a chance to sink a 50' putt for $10,000 cash.


Our Water Water Slide is a perfect way to have fun and stay cool. Ages 12 and under zoom down the slick slide into a splash pool below.

18' Giant Tropical Slide

Our all time standard Giant Slide has been upgraded into two lanes so that twice the children can enjoy this classic inflatable. You won't find a more popular item that provides so much fun for so many!


The perfect obstacle course for ages 10 and under is the 24' obstacle course. The obstacles are just right for the younger crowd but still fun and challenging. 

25' Mega Giant Slide

Towering 25' in the air, its sheer size is sure to draw a crowd. Most children have never seen an inflatable slide this big. Mom and Dad are welcome to slide; it's big enough for the entire family.

35' Obstacle Course

When you don't have the room or the budget, try our 35' Obstacle Courses. Smaller in size, but really big when it comes to having fun. The 35' Obstacle Course is similar to the 60' Obstacle Course without as many obstacles and an ending slide

60' Mega Obstacle Course

The 60' obstacle course is the ultimate inflatable obstacle course and has become the standard at Company Picnics and Prom/Grad Night Parties. Our most popular obstacle course is just the right size to exhaust two participants, yet challenging enough to make return trips a must

9 Hole Miniature Table Golf

We've put a new spin on two of our most popular games by combining pool with golf. Our deluxe Miniature Table Golf allows up to 36 players to stand up and shoot 9 holes of golf. Elaborate obstacles are classy enough for indoor events, but tough enough for the outdoors as well. Included are 9 complete Miniature Pool Golf holes, obstacles, pool cues, balls and scorecards. New themes include Viva Las Vegas, \Western and Summer Fun.

Air Hockey

Classic Air Hockey is one of the most popular games around. The fast pace and high scoring of Air Hockey entertains all ages.

Airstar Portable Tower Light

2,000 watt halogen tower light

Alien Invasion

Use your rocket launcher to repel the attacking alien invaders. Safe foam rockets add excitement and fun to this wacky new game. Ages 4 through adult.

Alien Maze Lazer Tag

The 30' X 30' Alien Maze Space Ship is the most up to date laser tag available. Ages 6 and up enjoy the fun and excitement of playing the fastest growing craze to sweep the Nation. A Continuous rotation of 8 players with real laser guns assures fun and tough competition. This is the real deal!

Alpine Air

Jump in the chair lift, fasten your safety belt and get comfortable, but not too comfortable! The \Alpine Air\ is capable of swinging and twirling 30 children or 20 adults around the \mountain\ for a fast paced, wind blowing good time

Archery Sharp Shooter

Archery is popular again and our brand new shooting gallery includes pointless arrows with giant \marshmallows\ on the end to insure a fun and safe time. From beginners to professionals, everyone will enjoy shooting the whimsical targets set up inside the 10'x20' range. Two bows and 24 safety arrows included.

Arena Joust

A new twist on an old favorite, the Arena Joust places two opponents in a Gladiator Arena armed with two oversized foam jousting poles. The new style inflated center pedestal adds skill and lots of fun to the battle.

Armchair Quarterback

We have taken one of our most popular games and improved it! Strap yourself into our extra large and comfortable recliner and hang on tight. You get 30 seconds to throw six footballs to the receiver on the "big screen television" in front of you. Did we forget to mention that your recliner is going totally out of control? We keep track of your score (if you do!) and you and the crew can compete against each other for Armchair Quarterback bragging rights. Designed for guests 48' and taller.

At The Beach Playland

A great interactive inflatable with a mini climbing wall, slide and activities to keep the kids busy for hours. Fantastic beach theming makes this bright and colorful playland the instant hit of the party. Combine this great piece with the Kiddie Beach Bounce for a beach playground!


Have you tried the newest toss game around? You see everyone playing Baggo from backyards to college campuses and now you can give it a try also. Perfect aim and a little skill will assure a winner every time, and we even have it in a \shark\ version just to spice the game up a bit. Ages 3 through adult.

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