As if the circular tow person obstacle course was not tough enough, we have thrown in the the rotating "Boom of Surprise" to really make this obstacle course interesting. Nothing like beating your friend only to be take out of contention, watch out! Designed for guests 48" and taller.

Kraken 28' Slide

Can you survive the 28' Giant Kraken Slide? Nordic fables mention an animal called the Kraken, which was a kind of giant octopus big enough to sink fishing vessels. Most thought this only to be a legend or simply dismissed it as a myth. Spotting this giant monster of the sea, however, terrified every sailor on board the H.M.S. Leviathan. Climb aboard the H.M.S. Leviathan for one last slide on this signature inflatable experience

Ladder Climb

You have seen it at the Fair and now you can have it at your next event! The Ladder Climb is a classic midway game and is a challenge for all ages. It looks easy, but wow is it hard to climb to the top. When you fall a giant cushion of air is there to catch you. Safe and fun for all!

Lil' Raceway

Measuring 30' X 18 this oval track presents a variety of racing opportunities. Includes Drive 'Em Buggies (6), or Adult Tri-Cycles (4).

Magnus the Mechanical Bull

Get ready for the ride of your life! Eight seconds will seem like an eternity as you try to hang on to Mangus, the roughest, raunchiest, nastiest mechanical bull this side of El Paso. Unlucky guests land on an inflatable mat below, watch out for the cow pies! Mangus is electronically adjustable and can be programmed for all ages and bull riding abilities.


Wipe Out don't got nothing on us! Eight guests at a time try to stay perched atop their foam pedestal as the Meltdown does its best to eliminate them. Duck under and jump over the spinning barricade, if you don't make it you land safely on the inflatable below. A high participation game that is crazy fun to play, but just as fun to watch! It's time for a wipe out! For guests 48\ and taller.

Milk Can Toss

Toss the softball into the milk can to win the big prize. Unfortunately it's just not as easy as it looks. Another classic when you want an authentic midway carnival game. Ages 5 and above.


The newest ride to our inventory, the Mindwinder swings 16 adults or children around as each tub spins individually around and around by the passengers. Lots and lots of going around and around is sure to satisfy all the thrill seekers and carnival ride junkies. 

Mini All Star Basketball

The smaller cousin of our Big Shot Hoops is perfect for smaller venues and tight spots. Put the Mini All Star up and watch your guests run to shoot baskets and enjoy our new and unique inflatable. Two players at a time use mini basketballs to shoot and score.

Moblile Zipline

After years of product development and testing, we are ready to release our highly anticipated mobile zip line. Two participants at a time climb the 35' tower and are secured to a zip line cable. Riders then jump off the tower for a free fall experience before zipping 100' feet to the end of the ride. This is one ride that will be talked about for months after your event!

Money Machine

We have found the best looking money machines in the World! As the money whirls, a revolving light on top flashes. You can also program a custom message into the message board attached to the front of the unit. The fully adjustable timer and custom 'stuff-it' pouch keep the winnings controlled.

Nascar Crash Course

This NASCAR style obstacle course is fast and exciting for both kids and adults! Two opponents race in opposite directions through a figure eight race track where a series of obstacles awaits you around every corner. The crash course is sure to be a winner at your next event.

Operation Super-Surgeons

Do you remember the classic Operation Game? We have super-sized Cavity Sam into a 6' X 3' table game with working lights and buzzer. Do you have the skill to remove Cavity Sam's \broken heart\ or the \water on his knee\? We love this \new\ classic and we are sure that you will also.

Pac Man & Galaga Arcade

The 25th anniversary of Namco's most popular games is out! The arcade version of Pac Man, Ms Pac Man and Galaga are combined together into one popular stand up cabinet. Set on free play, this game will have a line nonstop at your next event!

Paintless Paintball Laser Guns

Speed Paintball is a blast to play but everyone can do without the sting and danger of real paintballs. INTRODUCING PAINLESS PAINTBALL LASER GUNS! Just like a real round of Speed Paintball but our indoor/outdoor laser guns involve no mess or pain, just tons of fun. Painless Paintball is a quick moving game that is a blast to play and fun to watch. All equipment is provided including our NEW 30'x30' inflatable Castle Arena and 7 guns.

Photo Booth

It's always been fun to take your picture with your friends, but we have taken the photo booth to the next level. Taking the picture is the easy part, the hard part is trying to decide which of the 8 photo layouts to choose, then are you going to morph your picture into something crazy and zany, and then what about decorating your photo via the touch screen with hundreds of \props\ and sayings? The possibilities are almost endless. Quick printouts and the user friendly touch screen assures everyone a chance to use the Star Blitz Photo Booth.

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