Photo Booth

It's always been fun to take your picture with your friends, but we have taken the photo booth to the next level. Taking the picture is the easy part, the hard part is trying to decide which of the 8 photo layouts to choose, then are you going to morph your picture into something crazy and zany, and then what about decorating your photo via the touch screen with hundreds of \props\ and sayings? The possibilities are almost endless. Quick printouts and the user friendly touch screen assures everyone a chance to use the Star Blitz Photo Booth.

Ping-Pong Table

Enjoy the traditional summer game that gets everyone involved. All ages can enjoy this 2 - 4 player game indoors or outdoors.

Pirate's Revenge Rocking Pirate Ship

Our version of the giant rocking ship is now ready to sail into our event. The aggressive rocking action of the Pirates Revenge makes it a great ride for all ages and perfect for adults to ride with their children or to enjoy alone.

Pool Table

The traditional Pool Table is always a good choice. All ages enjoy this popular game played on an indoor/outdoor table with accessories for four players at a time.

Pop Noggins

Guests quickly join in for POPNOGGINS, a hip entertainment product utilizing \green screen\ technology to superimpose guests heads onto animated dancing bodies. They're hysterical! Up to six people at a time sit on magical stools as they perform to great tunes such as \Mony Mony\, \Tub Thumping\, a little Elvis and a bit of Cyndi Lauper. Each guest gets to take home a copy of their newly created masterpiece on DVD! Includes Fun Tech.

Prehistoric Playland

Our Jurassic Adventure Playland has become so popular that we got a smaller version for smaller spaces. Everything that is in the Jurassic Adventure Playland is in the Prehistoric Playland except in a smaller size and with only one slide.

Princess Bounce

Always a favorite, the moonbounce is like walking on the moon! Guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Pucker Powder

The Pucker Powder Creation Station is a creative way for kids to have fun, tickle their taste buds and have something to take home with them to remind them of the fun day. Kids & adults alike will enjoy filling a character necklace with wacky flavors of sweet and sour candy provided.


It takes an accurate throw to knock these talented \Fat Cats\ off their perch. Steady aim assures success with this classic favorite. Ages 5 through adult.


Sink the putt and win a prize, but be careful not to land in the sand trap or the water hazard. Ages 5 through adult.

QB Blitz

Head to head competition will never be the same after you play QB Blitz. Two players at a time toss the \old pigskin\ to see who can rack up the most points. QB Blitz is a great team builder or an excellent way to bring out the true football fans at your next event


With over 12,000 songs that are always up to date with new music added monthly, this \DJ in a Box\ is a must for any event. With the Quebbie it's all about you and your event! You customize the music with over 40 genres of songs. You can choose continual music or mix it up with announcements or fun sound effects. No event is complete without the Quebbie

Retro Arcade Games

We have brought back the all-time classic video games kids of all ages will remember. Our new custom-designed Retro Arcade Games offer players a choice of the best loved games of all time. All games are rated \E\ for everyone and are suitable for all occasions.


Throw the rings and ring the pegs to win the \BIG\ prize. This difficult to win, but always popular game is a great mega game addition for your next event. All ages.

Road Kill Cafe

Open for business 24/7 the Road Kill Cafe serves up some of the tastiest meals around. The only problem is that the demand is greater than the supply. It is up to you to supply the cafe with today's menu favorites. Ages 4 through adult

Roller Bowler

A classic carnival game that requires skill and just a little luck. Roll the bowling ball over the first \hump\ and get it to stay in the second \valley\ without returning and you win! Ages 4 through adult.

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