Sesame Street Combo

Our Sesame Street Combo features all your favorite characters and more than Snuffleupagus' last birthday party! Inside the kids will have a great time bouncing about, ducking into the tunnel that leads to the climbing wall & up to the top of the slide. Whoosh, down they come to start the fun all over again.

Seven Element Obstacle Course

Talk about a work out, this unit challenges anyone as you jump, squeeze, climb and roll your way through seven different obstacles.

Shrek Bounce

Always a favorite, the moonbounce is like walking on the moon! Guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Sky Puppet/ Sky Tubes

Do you need to greet your guests or draw a crowd? Well then you need a red or yellow sky puppet. The Sky Puppets are 18' tall and just love a strong wind to make them dance and draw attention.

Soak Down at the OK Corral Water Tag

Enter the OK Corral armed with your water pistol and good aim! Our new extra large open air water tag arena is themed like a Western Town and will hold a large number of Cowboys and Cowgirls. We have created many places to hide and play in this safe, interactive arena. All ages are welcome to participate in the Soak Down At The OK Corral.

Soccer Fever

Our Soccer Fever inflatable game will have your guests screaming, \Gooooaaaal!\ as players take their shots at the back wall. Artwork fills the back of the two-player inflatable game, with players ready to block or accept the pass, and even offers homage to various countries of soccer from around the world. This unique dual-player soccer kicking inflatable game is sure to please soccer lovers from around the globe.

Sound System

This high powered sound system is the best way to play our popular \Picnic Music\ and also doubles as a loud speaker for picnics or special events. Includes over 4 hours of music that is appropriate for large, diverse groups and comes equipped with; Speaker, Speaker Stand, Microphone, Digital Player and all necessary cables for hook up.

Special Ops

A military style obstacle course with an inflatable tank at the start is a great way to challenge your friends or enemies to see who the top recruit is. Our heavily themed Special Ops obstacle course is one mean machine!! Designed for guests 42" and taller.

Spin Art

Children use their creativity and the Spin Art machine to produce a masterpiece. Spin Art is the perfect way to send every child home with a souvenir. We now have PUZZLES to place a different "spin" on Spin Art. 

Sports Arena

This multifaceted event offers Speed Pitch with Baseballs, Softballs, Footballs, and Soccer Balls, even Snowballs? All action is safely inside the inflated arena.

Stand the Bottle

A Mid-Way classic that is hard to walk away from. Your guests must stand the bottle with the special \stick\ provided. Two players may play at one time. Ages 8 through adult.

Superman Bounce

Always a favorite, the moonbounce is like walking on the moon! Guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours.


Honey, I blew up the Slip-N-Slide! The inflatable \Super Slip-N-Slide\ is over 34' feet long. With 12\ of cushion for landings, ages 5 and over are welcome to join in the wet and wild fun.

Surfs Up

Palm trees and the beach make a perfect back drop for the \Surfs Up\ surf machine. Mechanical waves are simulated for all ages from a little splash to the \Big Kahuna\. You can safely ride the surf board year round without getting wet or eaten by sharks!

Temporary Tattoos & Party Hair

Watch the kids run to get their hair sprayed with one of our many neon party colors or choose a favorite temporary tattoo. Washable colored hair spray is always a way to stand out in the crowd and combined with our classic temporary tattoos, you have a real winner on your hands. We offer the best available washable hair spray paint and top quality professional style temporary tattoos; you and your guests will definitely know the difference.

The EuroBungy

With the aid of bungee cords and a trampoline the EuroBungy allows you to launch yourself over 25' in the air. If you're brave enough, attempt a flip and the really brave can attempt the triple flip. That's right, you can get enough air to try not one, not only two, but three flips in the air. Four guests at a time will enjoy this super sized, high velocity activity brought to your next event. For guests from 40 - 220 pounds.

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