Bank Shot

It is all about the angle. Bounce your shot off not one, but two bumpers to score as many points as possible. Skill helps but lots of luck will go a long way towards winning the big prize. All ages.

Beagle Belly Bounce

Every puppy loves to have his belly rubbed and Bobby the Beagle loves for all of the kids to jump and play the day away. The Beagle bounce is a new and unique moonbounce that is all about fun.

Bedrock Bounce

A dinosaur on top with Fred, Wilma and \The Gang\ painted inside and out. The Bedrock Bounce is a giant moonbounce that will hold over 12 children. This unit is perfect for large groups.


The most popular video hunting game of all time is here! Provide your guest with the authentic Big Buck Hunter and your party is sure to be a success. Two players at a time compete head to head for hunter bragging rights while the audience watches their skills. 


complete with 100 cards, hopper, caller, public address system, and sound system.

Blackbeard's Revenge

Queen Anne may have put Captain Blackbeard out of the pirate business, but he has returned. Blackbeard's Revenge is the largest inflatable pirate ship in the world, and it is ready to sail into your next event. Cannons, inflatable pirates, a really cool slide and plenty of room to play and bounce make this the largest and most impressive inflatable in our arsenal. Don't miss out; make sure Blackbeard's most prized possession sails your way in 2016.

Bouncy Boxing

Opponents take their corners in the inflatable ring and come out fighting with hilariously oversized gloves. Three rounds in the super bouncy and cushioned ring determine the winner. We also have a smaller version of our oversized gloves available for ages 10 and over.


Bubble Fun

Underneath a colorful tent we provide a continual running bubble machine and lots of bubble activities for all ages. Using professional bubble juice and specialty equipment, all ages are able to make impressive bubbles of all sizes and shapes. Bubble Fun is an interactive family activity that is hard to beat.


Our bright and colorful Pirate Combo has plenty of space for bouncing and a large slide to keep everyone entertained.

Bull Ringer

Careful aim and a little math calculations will allow you to \ring\ the bull. This unique \ring on a string\ game is addictive and will bring your guests back again and again to play. Ages 6 through adult.

Bungee Run

Two participants race down the inflatable runway, stretching the bungee cords as far as they can, trying to place their marker farther than their opponent, until..... BOING! They are safely rolled, bounced and blasted backward to the start

Carousel Bounce

Carousel Bounce

Smiles and Laughter abound with this "turn of the century" tribute to the carousel.  This beautifully designed inflatable depicts the centuries-old tradition of the handcrafted carousel.

Cars 21' Double Lane Slide

Fresh from Carburetor County, our 21' Disney Cars slide looks straight out of the movies. Colorful graphics and the giant inflatable Lightning McQueen car will be a hit with all ages. The Cars dual lane slide will race your guests along at a light-year pace to provide a huge amount of entertainment.

Chartbuster Karaoke

Our latest version of the Classic Karaoke, this system has over 1,000 songs for your guests to choose from. Combining the good ol' classics of yesterday with all of the latest and most popular chartbusters of today, this is sure to be a hit for all ages!

Chip Shot

This Chip Shot Challenge could be your way to the PGA Tour, watch out Arnold Palmer! For an additional charge try winning some Allison's Fun Inc. logo golf balls. Do your best with sand wedge in hand and they could be yours


Calling all Daredevils! Cliff Jump is filled with adventure for Daredevils young and old. You must climb your way through the obstacles to the top of the island where you jump into the ocean below. The “ocean” landing pit features a safety cushion made from our Zero-Shock technology and assures a fun and safe landing to do over and over again.


It's your turn to be the Ring Master as you toss balls for the seal to balance on his head. All ages.

Color Wheel

Pick your favorite color, spin the color wheel and hope for the best. The bright colors of the wheel make this an excellent choice for the younger crowd. All ages


Get lost in twists and turns until you finally find your way out. What direction will you choose in order to try to be the first one out? The Inflatable Corn Maze includes full digital graphics of a real corn maze and a giant 11' 3D entrance. 

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