Giant Inflatable Limbo

“How low can you go?”… Limbo is a popular party game that originated from more humble beginnings on the Caribbean islands. Now, the game may be most familiar to those who have played it at a Luau, gym class or a birthday party or family gathering.

Giant Inflatable Twister

You asked for it, so we got it! An inflatable version of our \Giant Twister\ that is a hit for all ages. The 15' x 15' inflatable version of Twister adds a new dimension and degree of difficulty to this classic game.

Giant Plinko

Giant Plinko is a very versatile game that can be made as difficult as you would like. Watching the puck slide and bounce on the game board is fun for all ages.

Gladiator Joust

Arm yourself with the giant foam padded battle stick and attempt to knock your opponent off their pedestal. The loser lands on a giant inflated mat while the winner towers above in victory.

Gorilla Gulp

Do you have good aim? I hope so, because we have one hungry gorilla. Toss bananas to our hungry gorilla to keep him in his cage. All ages.

Guitar Hero Arcade Addition

Yep, it's the real deal, straight out of the arcade! Our 100% real arcade Guitar Hero allows 2 players to go head to head in this favorite guitar game of all time.


2 sets of horseshoes used for tournament play or leisurely fun.

Imagination Station

What a way for everyone to get creative and take their custom creation home. We furnish all the supplies necessary for each activity. Choose three crafts from our extensive list of time proven fun. We have many crafts, but here are a few; Kooze Decorating, Magnet Making, 3' Buttons, Key Chain Making, Coloring Table, Paint a Bank, Silly Sacks, Decorate a Hat, Edible Jewelry and Much, Much More

Inflatable Bar

Just when you think you have everything for a party that you need, you see and know you need our Tropical Themed Inflatable Bar with the big palm trees. This is a real bar and is perfect for making and serving smoothies, snow cones, adult beverages or just about anything you can think of. Our unique inflatable bar is guaranteed to be the talk of your party.


Jaws has returned! You just thought the Mechanical Bull was fun, wait until you try to ride Jaws, \The Great White Shark\! Nothing but fun as you climb onto our replicated shark and try to hold on for the ride of your life. Jaws is a blast to ride and just as much fun to watch as everyone takes a turn get your camera ready!

Jitterbug Swing Ride

Do you want a real swing ride that goes high and fast? Then you need the 20 seat Jitterbug. Around and around, the Jitterbug is a very fast paced ride for the more adventurous crowd. The Jitterbug is a timeless classic that is sure to please everyone. Height requirement of 42'.

Jurassic Adventure Playland

Children just can't wait for the journey back in time on the ultimate prehistoric playland. Enter through the ancient dinosaur bone yard, then use ropes to guide your feet up the rocky terrain of the raging volcano. If you can't take the heat, take the fastest route to the bottom on the 10 foot dueling slides. Then, ride the two rock'n dinos and slam the tall dinosaur pop up heads. It's an adventure that you'll never forget!



As if the circular two person obstacle course was not tough enough, we have thrown in the rotating "Boom of Surprise" to really make this obstacle course interesting.  Nothing like beating your friend only to be taken out of contention, watch out! Designed for guests 48" and taller.

Kiddie Beach Bounce

A smaller moonbounce for the smaller kids with beach and ocean theming. This fantastic bounce will fit in a standard height room!


We’ve unleashed the beast to run amuck at your next event. Kids of all ages will be awed when they view this 25’ monster for the first time. Escape from Kong as you slide down this thrilling family favorite

Kraken 28' Slide

Can you survive the 28' Giant Kraken Slide? Nordic fables mention an animal called the Kraken, which was a kind of giant octopus big enough to sink fishing vessels. Most thought this only to be a legend or simply dismissed it as a myth. Spotting this giant monster of the sea, however, terrified every sailor on board the H.M.S. Leviathan. Climb aboard the H.M.S. Leviathan for one last slide on this signature inflatable experience

Krazy Kolor Ball

Toss the ball and try to guess what color the ball will come to rest on. A 1 in 8 chance of winning keeps your guests always coming back for more. All ages.

Ladder Climb

You have seen it at the Fair and now you can have it at your next event! The Ladder Climb is a classic midway game and is a challenge for all ages. It looks easy, but wow is it hard to climb to the top. When you fall a giant cushion of air is there to catch you. Safe and fun for all!

Lady Bug Ball Crawl

An inflatable Lady Bug that has a giant ball pond inside. Loretta the Lady Bug has over 2000 brightly colored balls for the little kids to play in. Loretta is funny to look at on the outside and fun to play with on the inside. Ages 5 and under.

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