Putting Green

Sink the putt and win a prize, but be careful not to land in the sand trap or the water hazard. Ages 5 through adult.

QB Blitz

Head to head competition will never be the same after you play QB Blitz. Two players at a time toss the old pigskin to see who can rack up the most points. QB Blitz is a great team builder or an excellent way to bring out the true football fans at your next event


With over 8,000 songs that are always up to date with new music added monthly, this \DJ in a Box\ is a must for any event. With the Quebbie it's all about you and your event! You customize the music with over 40 genres of songs. You can choose continual music or mix it up with announcements or fun sound effects. No event is complete without the Quebbie

Ring Toss Pegs

Throw the rings and ring the pegs to win the \BIG\ prize. This difficult to win, but always popular game is a great mega game addition for your next event. All ages.

Road Kill Cafe

Open for business 24/7 the Road Kill Cafe serves up some of the tastiest meals around. The only problem is that the demand is greater than the supply. It is up to you to supply the cafe with today�s menu favorites. Ages 4 through adult

Roller Bowler

A classic carnival game that requires skill and just a little luck. Roll the bowling ball over the first \hump\ and get it to stay in the second \valley\ without returning and you win! Ages 4 through adult.


Around and around you go as you try to beat your opponent to the finish line. This is one tough obstacle course built into a unique and challenging circle. Willing to try a totally new obstacle course at your event this year, well this is the one! Designed for guests 42" and taller.

 "Boom of Surprise" bar not included!!

Sand Art

Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents let you make a sand art project? Colorful sand combined with cool and wacky shaped containers are a blast to make and allow you to create a souvenir that will last and last. Send your next event over the top and add a sand art station today!

Santa's Chair

We had a couple of Santa's Elves from the North Pole Toy Factory build us a chair that would be suitable for Santa when he visits children in the South. I am sure that you will agree that we have the best looking Santa's Chair outside the North Pole, and it has Santa's official approval!

Shooting Stars Basketball

Two shooters at a time go head to head in this very unique free throw competition, the first person to get rid of all their basketballs is the winner. This fast-paced competitive Shooting Stars inflatable game will have participants offering up their best shots, in this dueling basketball game unlike any other. Consider inflatable basketballs as prizes for all of the free throw shootout winners.

Skee Roll

Roll the ball up the Skee ball table and into the numbered holes. A carnival version of the ever popular Skee ball game. Ages 5 through adult.

Sky Puppet/ Sky Tubes

Do you need to greet your guests or draw a crowd? Well then you need a red or yellow sky puppet. The Sky Puppets are 18' tall and just love a strong wind to make them dance and draw attention.

Slacker's Island

Slacker's Island

Slacklining is all the rage and there is no place better to test your skills than on Slacker’s Island. Can you walk the line to the other side, how about your friends? This is a great interactive skill based game for an active crowd.

Slap Shot

Now is your chance to score a goal in hockey without the risk of loosing your teeth. Carefully slide the puck past the goalie to see if you have what it takes. All ages.

Snaggletooth the Tiger Slide

15' tall and roars like a tiger; that's the only way to describe Snaggletooth, our new giant kids slide. He doesn't bite, but he sure does provide excitement and thrills for the younger crowd.

Soak Down at the OK Corral Water Tag

Enter the OK Corral armed with your water pistol and good aim! Our new extra large open air water tag arena is themed like a Western Town and will hold a large number of Cowboys and Cowgirls. We have created many places to hide and play in this safe, interactive arena. All ages are welcome to participate in the Soak Down At The OK Corral.


Our Soccer Shootout Inflate will have your guests screaming "GOOAAAALLLLL" if they can score the soccer ball past the goalie located on the back wall of this fun and exciting inflate.  This soccer themed inflate will have your guests kicking their way into the World Cup.  All action is safely inside the inflatable field.

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